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The JostensRenaissance Mid-Atlantic Collaborative is inspired by JostensRenaissance.  The Mid-Atlantic Collaborative is one of only five Renaissance collaboratives in the entire nation!  Over 150 schools across the United States are collaborative members.  The collaborative team works together to further the JostensRenaissance movement to reach large numbers of students throughout the United States.

JostensRenaissance® is an acclaimed educational enrichment program that is customized by you and your school community.  Jostens Renaissance® empowers you and your school to make it matter by boosting GPAs, increasing attendance, improving school pride and growing graduation rates.

Pause Before You Post ("Pause B4 U Post," for Short)
Pause Before You Post is a public service program from Jostens encouraging everyone to make smart decisions about personal publishing.  Through expert advice online and in schools, we're hoping to make teens and parents more aware of the responsibilities and consequences of sharing information, particularly through online social media.
Make a statement supporting Pause Before You Post™ and spread the word in your community with the following pledge:  I believe in making smart decisions when I share information online and want to spread the word to my friends, family, and community about taking time to Pause Before You Post.
Before I make a post, I pledge to ask myself:
  • Who will be able to see what I post?
  • Will anyone be embarrassed or hurt by it?
  • Am I proud of what I'm posting?
  • How I would feel if someone posted it about me?

Tell Us Why You Pause Before You Post!
Tell Jostens why you pause before you post and you could win a prize! 
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